Video reveals everyday product secrets you never knew

Say what you will about the masters of the listicle at BuzzFeed, but you must admit they nailed it with this video. In this short clip, you’ll discover lifehacks for a variety of products you use every day. Remember these product secrets, and your quality of life will be enhanced, even if it’s just a little bit.

My favorite? The way you can use a slot in the handles of pots and pans to hold a stirring spoon. With the spoon’s business end suspended over the pot, any drippage ends up where you want it rather than where you don’t. Brilliant.

This is only the beginning of the brilliance, just scratching the surface of the tricks that are possible with everyday products — BuzzFeed put together a total of 18 of these useful factoids all in one helpful post.

What about you? Did you know all these little tricks before you saw this clever video?

Images: YouTube/BuzzFeed