39,000 fps slow-motion video shows destruction in a new dimension

When video alters time, everything changes. In “Bullet Time,” the video artists at Beyond Slow Motion sped the frame rate to 39,000 frames per second — resulting in footage that’s 1,625 times slower than real time. That’s about 6 times slower than the slo-mo you usually see, and it seems downright otherworldly.

At this incredible speed, you can see individual pieces of buckshot, objects almost poetically disassembling, eggs cracking into tiny pieces and exploding into a yellow and white organic firework. It’s all so beautiful.

I think these Beyond Slow Motion dudes are onto something. Not only can they artfully wield the tech that lets them shoot at 39,000 frames per second, they can edit it together at a variety of speeds — including real-time — to give you this tasteful, artistic presentation. Bravo.

Image and video: YouTube, Beyond Slow Motion