Funny Friday: Clever iPhone 5S launch parody touches on truth

As buzz reaches a fever pitch over the iPhone 5S launch just a few days away, Matthias and J-Fred might have stumbled upon some truth in this parody video. If rumors are true, Tuesday’s Apple event could be a major letdown, perhaps even eclipsing the disappointment with the iPhone 4S.

You’ll remember the launch of the iPhone 4S — that was the time Apple tried to convince us that adding an app called Siri to the iPhone made it something new and fascinating. Too bad a lot of us already had that exact same app on an iPhone 4.

The current iPhone 5S/5C rumors paint a grim picture. It’s hard for me to get excited about a fingerprint reader, a plastic version of the iPhone, a faster processor (when everything is already processed fast enough), an additional LED flash, and a lack of features already innovated on the Android and Windows Phone platforms.

A fingerprint reader will have to be close to 100% accurate for it to be widely accepted. If there is such a device on the iPhone 5S, Apple might run into a debacle such as the maelstrom of criticism it encountered when it launched the iPhone 4. Remember that antenna problem? I’m not sure a “you’re holding it wrong” response will work again for Apple.

Let’s reserve judgment, though, until we see the actual products Apple rolls out on Tuesday, September 10 at 9 AM Pacific Time. I’m hoping for pleasant surprise.

Image and video: YouTube/Matthias

6 thoughts on “Funny Friday: Clever iPhone 5S launch parody touches on truth

  1. Interesting take on iPhone. I think the most amazing thing about the 4s is Siri and how I have become increasingly dependent on voice interaction.

    • I like Siri, but after about two weeks of playing with it on the iPhone 4S, I found my interest waning. I don’t think it was quite powerful enough to hold my interest. It’s still not. I think it needs to be at least as accurate as Dragon NaturallySpeaking is after a good training session. That’s where the frustration factor goes away. I also thought Siri was a thin thread on which to hang an iPhone release people had been anticipating for 16 months.

      • You gave up too soon. That’s not unexpected; I’m finding that some of the uses are subtle, some obvious. Some technologies are like that. (Agree with you about Dragon, too — I use it for most of my blog posts these days after writing things out first).

  2. I enjoyed the article, but my only interest is curiosity. I’m fond of my iPhone 5 and unless the new phone comes with an app that produces crispy bacon for my dinning pleasure, I’ll not be interested. Well, that isn’t entirely true, if they had a 41 megapixel (or even a 25) I’d probably buy it. I’d love a more powerful camera.

    • I feel the same way. I’m thinking of just sticking with my iPhone 5, instead of blindly going along and buying a new one like a sheep. I’ve done that in the past because I decided I needed to have the latest phone to test, but I’m thinking I could get away with skipping a cycle here.

      And yeah, if there’s a crispy bacon app that can only run on the iPhone 5S, I’m in. And I agree, that camera could use an update as well, and I’m not talking about an additional (and equally awful) flash LED, either.

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