Element Ronin Au case makes a gold iPhone even more pretentious

Element Ronin Au case
Come along with me as I explore the rarified realm of high-end iPhone cases. Today I’m reviewing the Element Ronin Au, a case specifically created for the gold iPhone 5S (but it fits the iPhone 5, too). Put this on that fancy phone and you’ll feel like a one-percenter, even if all you have to your name is $189.95. Continue reading

Upgrading to the iPhone 5S is pointless [OPINION]

iphone 5s
I’ve bought every new iPhone since its debut in 2007, but for the first time, I’ve decided not to upgrade my iPhone 5 to the iPhone 5S. Here’s why.

The simple reason? It’s not worth it. But there are emotional reasons that go beyond that. Perhaps the most important is that my carrier is AT&T, and I think it’s a sleazy company that I don’t want to support any more than I have to.
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Apple sneaks out new docks for iPhone 5S, 5 and 5C

iPhone 5s dock,  iPhone 5c dock

Amid the flurry of iPhone announcements on Tuesday, Apple didn’t mention the new dock that fits the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5, and a similar dock that fits the iPhone 5C.

For mysterious reasons, Apple skipped the whole dock thing when it rolled out the iPhone 5 with its new Lightning connector in September, 2012. But now the docks are back, looking a lot like their ancient pre-Lightning predecessors from days of yore. Both will be available for $29 at Apple stores on September 20. Continue reading

Funny Friday: Clever iPhone 5S launch parody touches on truth

As buzz reaches a fever pitch over the iPhone 5S launch just a few days away, Matthias and J-Fred might have stumbled upon some truth in this parody video. If rumors are true, Tuesday’s Apple event could be a major letdown, perhaps even eclipsing the disappointment with the iPhone 4S.

You’ll remember the launch of the iPhone 4S — that was the time Apple tried to convince us that adding an app called Siri to the iPhone made it something new and fascinating. Too bad a lot of us already had that exact same app on an iPhone 4.
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High-resolution iPhone 5S porn leaked [VIDEO]

Perhaps Apple can’t maintain its super confidentiality of years past. Could it be the company has somehow allowed the above high-resolution iPhone 5S porn to leak from its usually secretive clutches? Say it ain’t so.

This video flaunts the new iPhone’s three allegedly upcoming colors, including that luscious black/graphite look, the silvery white/off-white style, and that new gleaming “champagne” design. And looky there, that cheapo plastic-backed baby blue iPhone makes an appearance, too.
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