Fantasy: Next year’s outlandish new iPhone Air [VIDEO]

iphone air concept

Speculation runs rampant about the next iPhone, and design group SET Solution has gotten serious with its visualizations of an imagined iPhone Air and iPhone 6C.

Take a look at these four videos and play along with the lovely fantasies of their designers, wondering along with me if technology circa 2014 is up to the task of these impossibly thin handsets. Continue reading

10 things you probably didn’t know about the iPhone


Take a look at this infographic that includes a boatload of astonishing stats about iPhones. Even if you think you know everything about those baubles that get the fanboys all worked up, this inventive poster probably features lots of fun facts you didn’t know about iPhones.

There are some big numbers in here. For instance, who knew Apple had sold more than a third of a billion iPhones? That iPhones were faster than desktop computers were 10 years ago? That Apple has sold more than 50 billion apps? Continue reading

Got writer’s block? There’s an app for that: Prompts

Prompts app for iOS

I had won. As the crushing weight of writer’s block bore down on me, a mere iPhone app called Prompts lifted me up. I’d tried a lot of techniques — many of them successful — for fighting writer’s block, and this little app by Tanner Christensen gave me one more reliable tool for fighting the scourge of The Great White Empty Page.
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High-resolution iPhone 5S porn leaked [VIDEO]

Perhaps Apple can’t maintain its super confidentiality of years past. Could it be the company has somehow allowed the above high-resolution iPhone 5S porn to leak from its usually secretive clutches? Say it ain’t so.

This video flaunts the new iPhone’s three allegedly upcoming colors, including that luscious black/graphite look, the silvery white/off-white style, and that new gleaming “champagne” design. And looky there, that cheapo plastic-backed baby blue iPhone makes an appearance, too.
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Lovely iWatch concept is an iPhone for your wrist [PICS]

iWatch Concept

The much-rumored Apple iWatch still doesn’t exist, but that doesn’t stop my friend and favorite Italian designer Federico Ciccarese from designing it. The guy has a knack for imaginative mockups of upcoming Apple products, and his gorgeous visualization of the iWatch is no exception.

Federico teamed up with his colleagues Raffaello Infantino, Andrea Castellano and Mauro Alfieri at Ciccarese Design for this iWatch prototype. But Federico is the ringleader, and as you can see these visualizations, his signature optimism shines through — visualizing much more than a mere watch. It looks more like a miniaturized, super-thin iPhone that clamps around your wrist — in a most futuristic way.
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