Apple iWatch, is that you? [VIDEO]

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Apple’s reportedly been working on the iWatch for years, and now the rumors are starting to heat up again. YouTuber Fuse Chicken fired up a 3D CAD program, did some serious rendering, and came up with this educated guess about what the highly anticipated wrist iPhone might look like. Continue reading

Lovely iWatch concept is an iPhone for your wrist [PICS]

iWatch Concept

The much-rumored Apple iWatch still doesn’t exist, but that doesn’t stop my friend and favorite Italian designer Federico Ciccarese from designing it. The guy has a knack for imaginative mockups of upcoming Apple products, and his gorgeous visualization of the iWatch is no exception.

Federico teamed up with his colleagues Raffaello Infantino, Andrea Castellano and Mauro Alfieri at Ciccarese Design for this iWatch prototype. But Federico is the ringleader, and as you can see these visualizations, his signature optimism shines through — visualizing much more than a mere watch. It looks more like a miniaturized, super-thin iPhone that clamps around your wrist — in a most futuristic way.
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