TrackR is ‘Find My iPhone’ for keys, wallet and more [REVIEW]

What if you could get that “find my iPhone” capability with your wallet, keys or car? You can with TrackR, a small device that lets you locate anything it’s attached to, and sounds an alarm to let you find it.

I paired a PhoneHalo TrackR to my iPhone 5 and evaluated its capabilities here at the Midwest Test Facility. Let’s see what this wafer-thin Bluetooth gadget can do. Continue reading

Mint iOS app refreshed, adds cool new features [REVIEW]

Mint iOS app
Mint, the best service in the world for managing your money, just got better with an iOS 7 update. Besides its newly designed icon and overall sprucing up of its design, Mint’s developers added new features to the free iOS app that let you use two of the browser-based Mint’s most powerful capabilities. Let’s take the updated Mint iOS app for a spin. Continue reading

My 5 favorite apps of all time

5 Best Apps of All Time

With the debut of new iPhones and iOS 7, finding the best iOS apps might be on your mind. Perhaps you’re new to iOS, wondering which apps are the most useful. I’m here to help, picking out my favorite apps for your consideration.

I’ve been using an iPhone since its debut in June, 2007, and I’ve tried a lot of apps. Here are the five that I use most often, proving themselves to be the best I’ve ever used. They’ve withstood the test of time. Continue reading

iOS 7 makes my iPhone 5 feel brand new [REVIEW]

iOS 7 Review

Even if you aren’t buying a new iPhone this week, you’ll feel like you did if you upgrade to iOS 7. It’ll be available free on Wednesday (9/18/13), and here’s a preview of what’s in store.

iOS 7 brings a lovely and updated new design to Apple’s recent products. Of course, affection for iOS 7’s new typefaces, icons and backgrounds is a matter of taste, but my first impression was one of a modern, clean, airy environment. Continue reading

Got writer’s block? There’s an app for that: Prompts

Prompts app for iOS

I had won. As the crushing weight of writer’s block bore down on me, a mere iPhone app called Prompts lifted me up. I’d tried a lot of techniques — many of them successful — for fighting writer’s block, and this little app by Tanner Christensen gave me one more reliable tool for fighting the scourge of The Great White Empty Page.
Continue reading