TrackR is ‘Find My iPhone’ for keys, wallet and more [REVIEW]

What if you could get that “find my iPhone” capability with your wallet, keys or car? You can with TrackR, a small device that lets you locate anything it’s attached to, and sounds an alarm to let you find it.

I paired a PhoneHalo TrackR to my iPhone 5 and evaluated its capabilities here at the Midwest Test Facility. Let’s see what this wafer-thin Bluetooth gadget can do. Continue reading

Keizus Quadrapod holds up a smartphone anywhere [REVIEW]

Keizus Quadrapod
Move over Gorillapod, because here comes the Keizus Quadrapod, a tough little camera mount and stand that looks like an action figure. It bends every which way, letting you place your smartphone, tablet or camera just about anywhere.

The company sent me one for review, and I put it through its paces on a frigid day here at the Midwest Test Facility. Continue reading

Element Ronin Au case makes a gold iPhone even more pretentious

Element Ronin Au case
Come along with me as I explore the rarified realm of high-end iPhone cases. Today I’m reviewing the Element Ronin Au, a case specifically created for the gold iPhone 5S (but it fits the iPhone 5, too). Put this on that fancy phone and you’ll feel like a one-percenter, even if all you have to your name is $189.95. Continue reading

Unusual JBL Spark Bluetooth speaker sounds as good as it looks [REVIEW]

JBL Spark

Designers at JBL went wild with the JBL Spark, a megaphone-shaped Bluetooth speaker made of plastic that sounds solid as a rock. Whether you hang it on a wall or set it on your desktop, this unusual speaker backs up its stylish good looks with serious sound.

One look at its unique design and you’ll realize that the JBL Spark is about as portable as one of those cone-shaped collars dogs are forced to wear when they’ve been treated at the vet. Nor is it a wireless speaker, instead depending on a color-coordinated wall wart to bring power to the unit via its bright yellow woven-fabric cable. Nor does it have an auxiliary input, requiring you to connect with it via Bluetooth or nothing. Continue reading

Apple sneaks out new docks for iPhone 5S, 5 and 5C

iPhone 5s dock,  iPhone 5c dock

Amid the flurry of iPhone announcements on Tuesday, Apple didn’t mention the new dock that fits the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5, and a similar dock that fits the iPhone 5C.

For mysterious reasons, Apple skipped the whole dock thing when it rolled out the iPhone 5 with its new Lightning connector in September, 2012. But now the docks are back, looking a lot like their ancient pre-Lightning predecessors from days of yore. Both will be available for $29 at Apple stores on September 20. Continue reading