Screenguardz, the first screen protector worth using

Bodyguardz Screenguardz Pure 11

It seems a shame to put a case on an iPhone. As soon as you put a cover on it, Apple designer Jony Ive’s exquisite attention to detail suddenly becomes invisible. The Bodyguardz Screenguardz Pure is not a case, but a hardened piece of tempered glass that sticks onto the iPhone’s screen. Can it protect the screen without obfuscating the iPhone’s iconic design? To find out, I slapped the $39.95 screen protector onto my iPhone 5.

Placing this second piece of glass directly on my iPhone’s screen (there are also versions for most other iPhones, the iPad mini, Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One) required serious precision. Making it easier is a suction cup included in the box, and once you’ve taken off the adhesive backing, you can precisely lower this 0.4mm thin millimeter glass onto the iPhone screen.
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Charming video shows off toughness of Keizus Quadrapod

Is this Keizus Quadrapod a smartphone mount, a tablet clamp, an indestructible action figure, a furniture polish or a dessert topping? Remove the last two from that list, and the answer is yes.

Responding to the popularity of the ubiquitous Joby GorillaPod, the Keizus universal clamp can be configured in countless ways, holding up a smartphone or tablet at whatever angle you desire. Continue reading