Product photography tips for bloggers: It’s not as hard as it looks

Product photography how-to

If you’re a blogger, you also must be a photographer. Where to start? I’ve been taking pictures for 50 years, and I’m here to help.

In this post, I’ll show you 20 examples of product photography I’ve taken over the past year for the blog you’re reading now and on my previous job as senior editor of Mashable. I’ll tell you why I made the choices I did, and why I think these pictures work within the context of a personal blog. Continue reading

Put down that smartphone and live your life [OPINION]

We are frittering our lives away, heads buried in tiny screens as the entire world passes us by. Thanks, smartphones.

The smartphone is my favorite gadget, and it makes our lives better and easier in myriad ways. However, I think its omnipresent camera can separate its owner from directly and completely experiencing the real world. Armed with smartphones and ready to take pictures at a moment’s notice, many people are not really present at the most interesting events they’ll ever witness. Continue reading

Charming video shows off toughness of Keizus Quadrapod

Is this Keizus Quadrapod a smartphone mount, a tablet clamp, an indestructible action figure, a furniture polish or a dessert topping? Remove the last two from that list, and the answer is yes.

Responding to the popularity of the ubiquitous Joby GorillaPod, the Keizus universal clamp can be configured in countless ways, holding up a smartphone or tablet at whatever angle you desire. Continue reading