Most awkward video of the year reveals phoniness of ‘fun’ photos

The perfect follow-up video to my smartphone photo madness rant of a couple of days ago suddenly appeared today, and it features people who thought a still photo was being taken — but it was actually video. It’s by far the most awkward video I’ve seen this year.

This helps prove my point that people are wasting their lives away taking pictures with their always-handy smartphones rather than actually living. Notice how these people are completely missing all the fun they’d like you to think they’re having. Continue reading

Put down that smartphone and live your life [OPINION]

We are frittering our lives away, heads buried in tiny screens as the entire world passes us by. Thanks, smartphones.

The smartphone is my favorite gadget, and it makes our lives better and easier in myriad ways. However, I think its omnipresent camera can separate its owner from directly and completely experiencing the real world. Armed with smartphones and ready to take pictures at a moment’s notice, many people are not really present at the most interesting events they’ll ever witness. Continue reading

Smartphones leave yesterday’s supercomputers in the dust [INFOGRAPHIC]

smartphone supercomputer

Do you have any idea how powerful that smartphone in your pocket is? This infographic will astonish you, showing you how a typical smartphone circa 2013 is many times faster than the most formidable supercomputer of 1985.

That’s just the beginning of this beautifully researched and thorough infographic, which will take you from the ancient past of computing well into the future. Continue reading