Most awkward video of the year reveals phoniness of ‘fun’ photos

The perfect follow-up video to my smartphone photo madness rant of a couple of days ago suddenly appeared today, and it features people who thought a still photo was being taken — but it was actually video. It’s by far the most awkward video I’ve seen this year.

This helps prove my point that people are wasting their lives away taking pictures with their always-handy smartphones rather than actually living. Notice how these people are completely missing all the fun they’d like you to think they’re having.

Cringe along with me at this absurd collection of awkwardness, filled with phony expressions, tongues hanging out and wild “fun” stuff that’s not really fun at all, but completely bogus. These people are standing still on a dance floor, acting like they’re having fun.

And what’s this new thing with the tongue hanging out? Does that mean you’re having fun when your tongue is sticking out? Does everyone want to be Miley Cyrus? Disgusting. Keep your tongue inside your mouth, folks.

Stop pretending. Put the smartphones away, and live your life.

Image and video via YouTube/McNae Spec