Google search results: 11 most important changes of 2013 [INFOGRAPHIC]

Google search results
Who knows what sorcery Google will use to determine which posts show up first on its search engine results pages (SERPS)? Google search results are mysterious and anything but transparent, but Pratik Dholakiya, founder of Growfusely, consults solid sources and comes up with educated guesses of what changed in 2013. Continue reading

Top 8 hottest smartwatches, circa late 2013 [INFOGRAPHIC]

pebble smartwatches
The smartwatch market is heating up — you might not have realized that there are at least eight contenders for the title of smartest smartwatch, and Apple and Google haven’t even jumped into the fray yet.

This infographic catches you up, showing you the top 8 smartwatches in this nascent market, giving you a good look at the styling of each one, as well as its price, key attributes and compatible operating systems. Continue reading

How much joy will your Halloween candy bring? [INFOGRAPHIC]

haloween candy
If you’re still young enough to collect boatloads of candy on Halloween night, here’s a definitive chart that seeks to quantify just how valuable each type of Halloween candy really is.

Thanks to Benjamin R. Cohen and David Ng, who say they “got big cash” and “did fancy research,” you can take a look at this infographic and determine the “joy induction” ranking of each of the items you’ve collected. Continue reading

10 things you probably didn’t know about the iPhone


Take a look at this infographic that includes a boatload of astonishing stats about iPhones. Even if you think you know everything about those baubles that get the fanboys all worked up, this inventive poster probably features lots of fun facts you didn’t know about iPhones.

There are some big numbers in here. For instance, who knew Apple had sold more than a third of a billion iPhones? That iPhones were faster than desktop computers were 10 years ago? That Apple has sold more than 50 billion apps? Continue reading

Counting Walter White’s gigantic cash stash [INFOGRAPHIC]

breaking bad infographic

If you had a spare $80 million lying around that you couldn’t launder or even count, where would you put it? On Breaking Bad, Skyler White had to put Walt’s cash stash in a storage unit because it had grown so large, and we just found out in Sunday’s episode how much money Walt thinks it is.
Continue reading

Smartphones leave yesterday’s supercomputers in the dust [INFOGRAPHIC]

smartphone supercomputer

Do you have any idea how powerful that smartphone in your pocket is? This infographic will astonish you, showing you how a typical smartphone circa 2013 is many times faster than the most formidable supercomputer of 1985.

That’s just the beginning of this beautifully researched and thorough infographic, which will take you from the ancient past of computing well into the future. Continue reading