Counting Walter White’s gigantic cash stash [INFOGRAPHIC]

breaking bad infographic

If you had a spare $80 million lying around that you couldn’t launder or even count, where would you put it? On Breaking Bad, Skyler White had to put Walt’s cash stash in a storage unit because it had grown so large, and we just found out in Sunday’s episode how much money Walt thinks it is.

Walter White doesn’t know how much money it is, either. To count that enormous hoard of cash — even with an automatic counting machine — would take a lot more time than Walt has. That’s why (who better to estimate storage matters than a storage-unit company?) set out to estimate how much money that really is.

Given that pegged the amount at $50 million, take those two estimates, combine them with the evidence below, and come up with your own number.

No matter what, as Skyler White said, “There is more money here then we could spend and 10 lifetimes.”

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breaking bad infographic


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