How much joy will your Halloween candy bring? [INFOGRAPHIC]

haloween candy
If you’re still young enough to collect boatloads of candy on Halloween night, here’s a definitive chart that seeks to quantify just how valuable each type of Halloween candy really is.

Thanks to Benjamin R. Cohen and David Ng, who say they “got big cash” and “did fancy research,” you can take a look at this infographic and determine the “joy induction” ranking of each of the items you’ve collected. Continue reading

Cutest Halloween costume: adorable LED-illuminated stick figure comes to life

This has got to be the cutest video I’ve seen in a long time. Thanks to LED technology and the creativity of Royce Hutain, his 22-month-old daughter is wearing the most original Halloween costume of the year.

The video is made even cuter with the vocalizations of the little girl, along with the encouragement of her mother as she runs toward us — she’s an adorable illuminated stick figure, come to life. Continue reading