Unusual JBL Spark Bluetooth speaker sounds as good as it looks [REVIEW]

JBL Spark

Designers at JBL went wild with the JBL Spark, a megaphone-shaped Bluetooth speaker made of plastic that sounds solid as a rock. Whether you hang it on a wall or set it on your desktop, this unusual speaker backs up its stylish good looks with serious sound.

One look at its unique design and you’ll realize that the JBL Spark is about as portable as one of those cone-shaped collars dogs are forced to wear when they’ve been treated at the vet. Nor is it a wireless speaker, instead depending on a color-coordinated wall wart to bring power to the unit via its bright yellow woven-fabric cable. Nor does it have an auxiliary input, requiring you to connect with it via Bluetooth or nothing. Continue reading

Review: Tiny Boombot Rex speaker rocks your palms off

The hot competition for the best Bluetooth speaker rages on, and now designers are trying to see who can create the tiniest wireless boombox that still sounds good. When I first held the Boombot Rex in my hands, I doubted there was any way it could possibly sound better than a tiny transistor radio.

Would I be surprised? Let’s fire it up and give it a listen. Continue reading