Apple sneaks out new docks for iPhone 5S, 5 and 5C

iPhone 5s dock,  iPhone 5c dock

Amid the flurry of iPhone announcements on Tuesday, Apple didn’t mention the new dock that fits the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5, and a similar dock that fits the iPhone 5C.

For mysterious reasons, Apple skipped the whole dock thing when it rolled out the iPhone 5 with its new Lightning connector in September, 2012. But now the docks are back, looking a lot like their ancient pre-Lightning predecessors from days of yore. Both will be available for $29 at Apple stores on September 20. Continue reading

Sarvi Dock could challenge world’s best iPhone dock

Sarvi Dock

Just when I thought I’d found the best iPhone dock ever, a challenger comes along. It’s the Sarvi Dock, and it has many of the same features — along with one other capability I haven’t seen before.

This Kickstarter project is not a real product yet, but if it’s funded, it might be the first iPhone, iPad and iPod dock that includes all the crucial features I think a charging dock must have.
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