Fantasy: Next year’s outlandish new iPhone Air [VIDEO]

iphone air concept

Speculation runs rampant about the next iPhone, and design group SET Solution has gotten serious with its visualizations of an imagined iPhone Air and iPhone 6C.

Take a look at these four videos and play along with the lovely fantasies of their designers, wondering along with me if technology circa 2014 is up to the task of these impossibly thin handsets.

First up is a fantastic video rendering of the iPhone Air. It’s barely thicker than a piece of paper, measuring just 1.5mm at the top and 3.5mm at the bottom.

Oh, what it would be like to use such a phone! When you’re not gazing into its edge-to-edge screen, you could use it to cut a steak that’s tough as shoe leather. And don’t worry about dropping it — its feather-light weight of scarcely more than 2 ounces (70g) would barely even have enough mass to cause any damage when you dropped it on some unforgiving concrete sidewalk of the future.

SET Solution‘s next fantasy is the supposedly cheaper iPhone 6C. The designers go with a curved display that seems to be all the rage these days. There’s that edge-to-edge screen again, but I’m thinking a curved screen might not make the iPhone 6C the cheaper model anymore. Perhaps the “C” in its name stands for “curved,” “costly” or maybe even “crazy.”

Whoa, SET is going all-out here, mimicking an Apple ad campaign for these fake products. But isn’t this the fun of having nearly a year between now and when the next iPhone might be introduced? While loosely based in reality, their guesses are as good as anyone’s, I suppose:

If nothing else, these videos are certainly entertaining. However, I think if SET Solution wants to rejoin the reality-based community, the company might start numbering these gorgeous smartphone simulations the iPhone 7, or maybe the iPhone 8.

There’s more. What’s this? The designers have even simulated the loathsome custom of unboxing videos? Okay guys, now you’ve gone too far:

I kid, I kid. I think these videos are so nicely done, they qualify as art. Don’t you?

Images and videos: YouTube/SET Solution

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