Absurd Amazon Rockets deliver packages in 5 minutes [VIDEO]

I’m still chuckling about the credibility-stretching appearance of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos on 60 Minutes last Sunday. While the clueless Charlie Rose looked on in astonishment, Bezos called himself “optimistic” as he exaggerated about how Amazon might soon be delivering packages with GPS-controlled drones.

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Funny Friday: Clever iPhone 5S launch parody touches on truth

As buzz reaches a fever pitch over the iPhone 5S launch just a few days away, Matthias and J-Fred might have stumbled upon some truth in this parody video. If rumors are true, Tuesday’s Apple event could be a major letdown, perhaps even eclipsing the disappointment with the iPhone 4S.

You’ll remember the launch of the iPhone 4S — that was the time Apple tried to convince us that adding an app called Siri to the iPhone made it something new and fascinating. Too bad a lot of us already had that exact same app on an iPhone 4.
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