Blizzident 3D-printed toothbrush gets the job done in 6 seconds


Consider the simple toothbrush, one of the most prosaic of devices and a fixture of almost every bathroom. However, it turns out we’ve been doing it wrong all these years — now there’s the 3D-printed Blizzodent, custom-fitted to your teeth and able to get the job done in a mere six seconds.

First you have a mold made of your teeth, and then a 3D printer gins up this odd-looking bundle of soft plastic, bristling with what its makers call “a dense field of tailored bristles” that also includes a tongue scraper and even deftly-positioned flossing strings as an option.

As you can see by the video below, you place this urchin-like thingamajig in your mouth, move your teeth and tongue around a bit, and six seconds later, take that thing out of your mouth and you’ll have a freshly brushed set of pearly whites.

Geez, sign us up. What’s the catch? Well, it’s not going to be cheap. To get either a laser scan or an impression of your teeth will set you back between $75 and $200 (according to Blizzident), and then the brush itself will cost you $300 — and it only lasts a year (they’re $160 after you’ve had the first one made).

Those stratospheric price quotes are just for now, though, while this unique technology is in development. If this unproven toothbrush actually works, you can be sure its price will come down to a reasonable level.

Graphics and video: Blizzident

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  1. Then you have to clean it…wonder what else they will sell to get that done…it is a great idea…but I think I will stick with my Oral-B Vibration TB 🙂

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