Jet Capsule, the custom superboat of the future

The Jet Capsule is an entirely new kind of boat. Its propulsion system operates like a jet ski, and its 24-foot length and infinitely customizable nature makes it as versatile as it is innovative.

In its basic configuration, its single 325hp diesel engine powers its waterjet, resulting in speeds of 25 knots (28mph). But the fun really starts when you choose a couple of 350hp gasoline engines that will get you going 50 knots (57mph) in no time flat.

That’s some serious speed, especially for a boat.

The fiberglass watercraft can be set up for partying, police work, an armored capsule for military use, an emergency vehicle, a taxi or anything else you can dream up.

Jet Capsule

There’s even a rooftop lounge bed for sunbathing, and divers will love its rear platform that offers easy access to the water. Making it lovely at night is its colorful LED lighting, which you can see in the gallery above.

If this 24-footer is a bit big for your taste, the Jet Capsule company is working on a Mini Jet Capsule that’s 16 feet long and just as customizable:

Update: The price of these superboats isn’t listed anywhere on the Jet Capsule website or anywhere else I could find. You know what that means — if you have to ask, you probably can’t afford it. But I contacted the company’s Fausto Rasini, who told us more about the jet capsule price: “Jet Capsule limited (1st one hundred Jet Capsules) retail price starts at €180.000 [$247,662].” He adds, “The Jet Capsule can be configured with single or dual engines, petrol or diesel, from 250HP to 740HP (idrojet).”

Images: Jet Capsule, S.R.L., via Oh Gizmo