Goofy ‘TV host’ mangles every single name

Behold the hot mess known as Check It Out!, a TV show where actor John C. Reilly plays Dr. Steve Brule, a guy who’s so careless, awkward and goofy, he’s so bad that he’s good. In fact, I think he’s hilarious.

Watch him mispronouncing name of every single one of his guests in this anthology of bumbling, stumbling, fumbling and fumbling.

In my constant search for inexplicable peculiarities, I think I’ve hit paydirt.

Despite its vintage-video look, this is not an old cable-access program. In fact, its first episode premiered on Adult Swim, part of the Cartoon Network, on May 16, 2010. After producing 12 episodes (now available on Amazon) in two separate seasons, preproduction for the third season is now underway. You’ve been warned.

Adult Swim via Boing Boing