This fish is driving a car

You’ve probably heard that expression, “A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle.” Now, a fish might feel like it needs a car — like this one. No kidding, it’s a fish driving a car.

This four-wheeler uses clever optical tracking technology to allow the little swimmer to steer it every which way. What is this sorcery?

Fish driving a car

Notice the small device suspended above the square tank on this mini-vehicle. It’s a webcam that tracks the fish’s position. Its data is fed to a tiny computer that tracks which direction the fish is swimming, controlling tiny electric motors on the car’s wheels. Whichever way the fish goes, so goes the car.

Here are the components of this fishy electro-rollerskate:

Fish driving a car

That’s right, fish can now drive cars.

Is this a plan to allow fish to be more interactive pets, similar to dogs? Not really. It’s a technology demonstration by the image recognition experts at Studio diip.

It’s hard to tell from this video whether the fish is aware of its ability to control the car, but fish can learn, can’t they?

Soon, trendy fish will be start feeling an intense need for this little vehicle. What’s next? Obviously, fish will be needing their own bicycles.

Pics and video: Studio diip