iPulse Minimalist Wallet Is Lovely, Tiny, Clever, Practical

This iPulse Minimalist carbon fiber wallet is the smallest wallet I’ve ever seen, and I think it’s excellent. It looks better than it does in these pictures, and it’s literally as small as a wallet can get and still be practical. It’s exactly the width of a credit card. The coolest feature is the way you can pull a little tab and your credit cards are magically offered up to you. Please take a look at this coolness on the video I shot.

iPulse minimalist wallet

It’s hard to photograph the beauty of carbon fiber, but this iPulse Minimalist wallet is certainly attractive with its 3D looks. It’s also so light you can hardly tell you’re holding it in your hand. I get compliments on it anytime anyone sees it — especially when I pull that little tab. And if you don’t like the idea of a minimalist wallet, its RF protection against electronic snooping makes it a perfect business-card or passport case as well.

And the most astonishing thing about it is its price: $19.98 on Amazon. Worth it!