Energi+ Power Backpack charges 3 devices on the go

Energi+ Power Backpack
It’s not easy to pick one backpack out of the hundreds that are available, but I found one that feels like the backpack of the future. Not only will the TYLT Energi+ Power Backpack carry lots of gear in water-resistant comfort, but it will partially charge three of your mobile devices at the same time. Let’s put it to the test, and see if it’s worth adding to your back-to-school shopping cart.

When using an energy-hungry smartphone or tablet, sometimes you probably feel like you’re constantly aware of power drain, perhaps even looking for available outlets. This $199 power backpack will ease that power anxiety, rocking a 10.4-amp lithium-ion battery pack to replenish your gadgetry on the run. While it can’t charge your laptop, it certainly can handle smartphones, tablets, music players and anything else that charges via USB.
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