Incredible Russian dashcam footage shows people trying to get run over

Desperate people in Russia are longing for a big payout. That’s why they’re willing to risk their lives by almost getting killed. The solution to this peculiar accident-causing trend is for innocent drivers in Russia to have a dashcam running every second they’re driving.

Sit back and be astonished by this unbelievable assortment of deliberately caused “accidents” caught on Russian dashcams, where it’s unlikely that any of these “victims” collected a single ruble. Well, maybe the unfortunate guy who actually got run over might have picked up a bit of a settlement — interesting that the driver just kept on going, deliberately running over the guy.

What’s to keep this from happening in the United States? Perhaps ubiquitous dashcams are on their way here as well. a side effect of that? A vast new source of spectacular videos, some inexplicably peculiar, but much of it tragically heartbreaking.

Can’t people just be honest? Well, no.

Image and video: YouTube/RoadCrash 500, via Jalopnik