Follow these instructions for perfect parallel parking every time

parallel parking

Until self-driving cars arrive, we’ll be performing the death-defying act of piloting our own vehicles for the next few years, and one of the most difficult routines is parallel parking. Even if you’re an expert at that challenging feat, you’ll want to know about this remarkable way to perfectly parallel park every single time.

It involves a set of instructions offered by Quora user Yishan Wong, who’s seen plenty of solutions to the parallel parking conundrum, all of which he calls “too complex and intimidating.” He claims to have discovered the secret to parallel parking — and I believe him, because I’ve tested his technique and it works perfectly. Continue reading

Instagram 4.1 straightens pics, imports video

Instagram 4.1

Instagram 4.1 rolled out Wednesday, letting you straighten photos within the app. As you can see in the pic above, you’re presented with a unique interface when you press the “straighten” icon. You do the straightening after you’ve taken the pic in Instagram, or you can choose any photo in your image library.

The straightening tool is smart. Available only on the iOS version of Instagram 4.1, it first tries to automatically estimate the amount of straightening needed, and then it’s a simple matter to finish the job to perfection with a two-finger multitouch twist. Continue reading

Review: Netatmo weather station adds additional modules

Netatmo additional module

There’s no shortage of ways to monitor the weather inside and outside your house, but Netatmo goes a couple of steps further, letting you measure air quality and sound levels in addition to the usual humidity, temperature and barometric pressure. Now you can add up to three extra modules to gather data about the climate and air quality in additional rooms. Join me as I put one of these new modules to the test.
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