Redesigned Fox News studio looks like a joke [OPINION]

Fox News Studio
Is this new Fox News studio a joke? No, this is the new way the cable news propagandist plans to disseminate its lies and disinformation. It looks like something that belongs in Mad Magazine.

In a video tour of the new “Revolutionary Fox News Deck” at its HQ in New York, Fox anchor Shepard Smith never quite explains why these gigantic 55-inch touchscreen monitors were installed. Are the Fox “journalists” so myopic they can’t see normal-sized computer screens?

In the mind of some delusional designer, this must have seemed futuristic. But in practice, I think it’s absurd. Notice how the text and graphics on the touchscreens are scaled up to an enormously big sizes. “It’s big, visual, and you can see their screens from almost any camera shot,” I’m sure the designers were saying in their ill-fated pitch. I can’t wait for the day when one of those Fox “journalists” gets caught live on the air with porno playing on his 55-inch screen for all the occupants of the Fox bubble to savor.

If they were going for that coveted Minority Report look, the clueless denizens of Fox “News” have fallen far short. In the video below, the Fox suits talk about how this has never been done before. Hey, Fox News, there’s good reason why it hasn’t ever been done before: because it looks foolish to the point of absurdity to have your hapless spinmeisters sitting at gigantic easels.

Slightly more successful is a giant wall of monitors along a studio wall, where the video frames within can be slid from side to side to illustrate stories. However, it’s not anything like the magic of Minority Report where Tom Cruise manipulates objects with dramatic sweeping hand gestures — no, these are all moved around by a cheap-looking remote control, falling far short of anything even remotely resembling coolness.

Fox News has already been the laughingstock of journalism for years, and now it takes its place as the biggest laughingstock of television production and studio design. Anything that reduces the credibility of this treasonous cable television “news” network is fine in my book.

Thanks, Fox News, for making it even more clear what a bunch of damn fools all of you really are.

“I think people are realizing they’re seeing something they’ve never seen before,” said one of the delusional Fox suits. For once, he was telling the truth. But there’s good reason why no one’s ever seen this before: because it’s a ridiculous idea. It’s not going to be copied — it’s going to be ridiculed.

Image/Video: Fox “News”