JBL Pebbles computer speakers: hot sound, cool price [REVIEW]

JBL Pebbles review
JBL has been getting creative with its speaker design lately, and the JBL Pebbles Plug and Play Stereo Computer Speakers are certainly no exception. Just look at this attractive pair of USB-powered speakers that look like oversized hockey pucks, standing on end and plugging into your Mac or PC’s USB 2.0 port.

Do they sound as cool as they look? Let’s give them a close listen. Continue reading

Sonos Play:1 speaker packs powerful punch, costs less

Sonos just rolled out its lowest-priced speaker yet, the $199 Sonos Play:1, but don’t let its tissue-box size fool you. It’s built like a truck and exudes high quality throughout. Sonos sent me a pair of these self-powered, networked speakers, and I put them to the test.

Pricing a single speaker at just under $200 sounds expensive, but this is Sonos, a company that charges a lot of money for its products, and for good reason: You get what you pay for. I’ve tested the $399 Sonos Play:5, the smaller Play:3 ($299) and its formidable “Sub” subwoofer ($699), and I’ve been impressed by all of them. How would the Play:1 measure up? Continue reading