Cool Belt Features Clever Design, Great Looks

I’ve never seen a belt like this, and now I wish all belts were made this way. It looks cool, has a substantial and futuristic-looking buckle, and the faux leather is convincing. I was concerned that it might be difficult to set up and use, but it’s not. In fact, as I gradually started to understand how it’s designed, my smile got bigger and bigger.

The best thing about this cool belt is its rachet closure and customizability to its wearer’s exact size. I put it on and noticed that it easily clicks into place. It’s easy to let it out in tiny increments after a big meal, too. That comes in handy when I go off my diet for a day, eating everything in sight. Now I want to get a brown one, too. Good product, clever design!

Best Tire Inflator: I’ll Never Pay For Gas-Station Air Again

Best Tire Inflator

This tire inflator is an innovative, impressive achievement. It’s the best tire inflator I’ve ever seen. I had no idea there was a device that would let you dial in a tire pressure number and then pump up your car tire to exactly that pressure — and then turn off automatically. It’s magical, really.

I had a leaky tire for so long, and got tired of PAYING FOR AIR to pump it up. Now? Bye bye, 50-cent gas-station air!

When I looked at the pics of it on Amazon, I thought it was much bigger. That is not the case. This little tire inflator is scarcely larger than a football, so I stow it away in the trunk and always know it’ll be there, ready to go. A quick plug-in of its nice long cable to the car’s cigarette lighter and it springs into action.

Hard to believe a convenience like this costs less than $33. Glad I bought it!

Warning: Nakamichi NK 22 Soundbar has a fatal flaw [REVIEW]

Nakamichi nk 22

Nakamichi has a long and storied history as an innovator of high-end cassette decks in the ’70s and ’80s. Now a company called Wow Technologies has used the Nakamichi nameplate on a new sound bar for home theaters, the Nakamichi NK 22.

Wow sent us a unit for review. Could this $349.99 product live up to the Nakamichi quality I admired back in its heyday? Continue reading