Put down that smartphone and live your life [OPINION]

We are frittering our lives away, heads buried in tiny screens as the entire world passes us by. Thanks, smartphones.

The smartphone is my favorite gadget, and it makes our lives better and easier in myriad ways. However, I think its omnipresent camera can separate its owner from directly and completely experiencing the real world. Armed with smartphones and ready to take pictures at a moment’s notice, many people are not really present at the most interesting events they’ll ever witness. Continue reading

Redesigned Fox News studio looks like a joke [OPINION]

Fox News Studio
Is this new Fox News studio a joke? No, this is the new way the cable news propagandist plans to disseminate its lies and disinformation. It looks like something that belongs in Mad Magazine.

In a video tour of the new “Revolutionary Fox News Deck” at its HQ in New York, Fox anchor Shepard Smith never quite explains why these gigantic 55-inch touchscreen monitors were installed. Are the Fox “journalists” so myopic they can’t see normal-sized computer screens? Continue reading

Upgrading to the iPhone 5S is pointless [OPINION]

iphone 5s
I’ve bought every new iPhone since its debut in 2007, but for the first time, I’ve decided not to upgrade my iPhone 5 to the iPhone 5S. Here’s why.

The simple reason? It’s not worth it. But there are emotional reasons that go beyond that. Perhaps the most important is that my carrier is AT&T, and I think it’s a sleazy company that I don’t want to support any more than I have to.
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My 5 favorite apps of all time

5 Best Apps of All Time

With the debut of new iPhones and iOS 7, finding the best iOS apps might be on your mind. Perhaps you’re new to iOS, wondering which apps are the most useful. I’m here to help, picking out my favorite apps for your consideration.

I’ve been using an iPhone since its debut in June, 2007, and I’ve tried a lot of apps. Here are the five that I use most often, proving themselves to be the best I’ve ever used. They’ve withstood the test of time. Continue reading

25 more writing errors that make you look like an amateur


After the overwhelming reaction to my “50 writing errors that make you look like an amateur” post, I couldn’t help but continue my mission of cleansing the Internet of all grammatical malfeasance. So here are 25 more transgressions to avoid if you want to be taken seriously as a writer.

Of course, these are all my personal opinions. They are not rigid rules. The English language is a living thing, evolving over the years with new words and usages added every day. Many items in this list are mere pet peeves of mine. Or I could be just plain wrong.

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Kevin Spacey to Hollywood: ‘Give people what they want’

Kevin Spacey

Riding on the breakthrough success of his Netflix series House of Cards, Kevin Spacey has a simple message for the entertainment industry: Get with the program, tell your stories, and give people what they want.

In a brilliant speech he gave at the Edinburgh International Television Festival, he admonished the television and film industry, encouraging them to sidestep the mistakes the music industry made. The enigmatic Kevin Spacey, speaking with conviction and charisma, gave it to the programmers in a language they could understand.
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