Redesigned Fox News studio looks like a joke [OPINION]

Fox News Studio
Is this new Fox News studio a joke? No, this is the new way the cable news propagandist plans to disseminate its lies and disinformation. It looks like something that belongs in Mad Magazine.

In a video tour of the new “Revolutionary Fox News Deck” at its HQ in New York, Fox anchor Shepard Smith never quite explains why these gigantic 55-inch touchscreen monitors were installed. Are the Fox “journalists” so myopic they can’t see normal-sized computer screens? Continue reading

Counting Walter White’s gigantic cash stash [INFOGRAPHIC]

breaking bad infographic

If you had a spare $80 million lying around that you couldn’t launder or even count, where would you put it? On Breaking Bad, Skyler White had to put Walt’s cash stash in a storage unit because it had grown so large, and we just found out in Sunday’s episode how much money Walt thinks it is.
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Star Trek transporter prank seems so real

Before you watch the video above, see if you can figure out how British magician Scott Penrose fooled a mall full of shoppers into thinking they were witnessing the miracle of a Star Trek transporter. His secret is revealed at the end of the clip.

It’s part of a promotion for movie streaming service Blinkbox, which will soon be offering the Star Trek Into Darkness movie to its customers in the UK. Continue reading

Funny Friday: Clever iPhone 5S launch parody touches on truth

As buzz reaches a fever pitch over the iPhone 5S launch just a few days away, Matthias and J-Fred might have stumbled upon some truth in this parody video. If rumors are true, Tuesday’s Apple event could be a major letdown, perhaps even eclipsing the disappointment with the iPhone 4S.

You’ll remember the launch of the iPhone 4S — that was the time Apple tried to convince us that adding an app called Siri to the iPhone made it something new and fascinating. Too bad a lot of us already had that exact same app on an iPhone 4.
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Charming video shows off toughness of Keizus Quadrapod

Is this Keizus Quadrapod a smartphone mount, a tablet clamp, an indestructible action figure, a furniture polish or a dessert topping? Remove the last two from that list, and the answer is yes.

Responding to the popularity of the ubiquitous Joby GorillaPod, the Keizus universal clamp can be configured in countless ways, holding up a smartphone or tablet at whatever angle you desire. Continue reading